What happens when I win ?

When the bid process ends, and no one else is bidding, the user who is at the first position is declared a winner . The winner will receive a confirmation email or text message informing him of this. The user will then have to pay for the product, based on the last amount reached during the bidding process. As soon as the user pays for his product, he will be contacted with the location where he can collect his winnings or the winnings will be send to his Mobile if they are electronic airtime , DATA or Mobile Money prizes.

How do I place my Bids ?

First, select the product you wish to bid on. You can then press the "BID NOW" button, which will open a window. You can chose from Manual bidding or Automated bidding. With Manual Bidding , the user can bid just one token , which will place him in the first position. With the Automated Bidding , the user can chose the number of tokens he wishes to use and the system will place bids automatically on the user behalf, as and when the user becomes second or third position. this process continues, until the bidding process ends and the user wins, or until the Tokens are full exhausted.

How do I buy Bid Tokens ?

When you access your account , go to the Dashboard and select "Buy Tokens". this will take you to a 3rd party, secured payment processor who normally accepts Credit or Debit cards, as well as Mobile Money from all operators .

How do I participate in the Bid Process ?

If you are not registered , please go ahead and register by clicking on the REGISTER button. Every new registration receives up to 50 Bid Tokens to allow the user feel the bidding process.

How does Sika Bid work?

Many bidders will join the bidding process after buying "Bid Tokens ". Each time a bidder places a bid, a token is deducted from his wallet. Bidders are placing bids to make sure they are positioned first. When no more bidders participate, the last person who is positioned first on the platform, is declared the winner. Every Bid has a limited time and when the bid process has less than 10 seconds to end, additional 10 seconds will be added to the time whenever a bidders places a bid.

What is Sika Bid ?

Sika Bid is an innovative platform dedicated to crowd bidding. Products are listed and sold at a fraction of their actual cost, due to the crowd bidding process.

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